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Tusk Led Lighted Whip 6'

Tusk Led Lighted Whip 6'

SKU: KS-1873250005

The Tusk Lighted Whip is the most unique whip on the market! Wrapped with some of the brightest LEDs out there, this whip will turn darkness into daylight! This whip comes programmed with over 350 modes, multiple brightness settings, colors, and speed controls. Create your own playlist with up to 16 of your favorite modes! Using a wireless remote, you can change the color, mode, speed, or brightness of your Tusk Lighted Whip right from your seat. The billet aluminum quick release mount base takes all the hassle away when trying to remove the whip. If you are looking to add some style to your ATV, UTV, Sand Rail, Dune Buggy or other machine, this is the perfect whip for you!

  • Tusk LED Lighted Whip wrapped with LEDs.
  • Programmed with over 350 modes.
  • Control brightness, speed, or save up to 16 of your favorite modes to a playlist using the wireless remote.
  • Billet quick release mount for maximum strength and ease of use.
    $159.99 Regular Price
    $150.99Sale Price