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  Shop for New Side by Side Tires

Whether you are kicking up some sand in the desert or getting muddy at your UTV park's Spring fling, tires can make all the difference between spinning your wheels and making tracks. At Kwik-Saw Racing, our inventory of new side by side tires include top performance brands such as EFX, GBC, and Kanati designed to help your Yamaha UTV make the most of your day in the desert. Give us a ring to discuss whether you intend to rock crawl or go mudding and get paired up with the right set of shoes for your machine.

Equip Your Yamaha UTV with Extra Traction or Sand Slinging Tires
When you are looking for speed over hard-packed paths, look for a performance all-terrain side by side tire such as the EFX Motohammer with the right mix of durability and deep treads to stand up to a day in the sun. Will you be fighting through deep sand or mud? Look for a set of paddle treads like the CST Sand Blast. The Kanati Terra Master is prepared for just about anything with an aggressive tread design and depth but supported by steel radials for superior endurance.

Helping You Select the Right Tread for Country Trails
At Kwik-Saw Racing, we bring all of our years of experience winning at SXS tracks across the country to you. Consult with the experts when it is time to change out the rubber on your Yamaha UTV, whether it is a single-seater for your child or a SXS big enough for the whole family. While we are located in the Nevada desert, we can ship anywhere in the U.S., so you are better prepared for racing at the beach, in the hills, or your backyard. Call today for tips, pricing, and a current inventory.

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