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Rzr Roll-Up Tool Bag With 36Pc Tool Kit

Rzr Roll-Up Tool Bag With 36Pc Tool Kit

SKU: E98


  • PRP’s RZR Roll-Up Tool Bag with 36pc Tool Kit
  • Includes all the essential tools you need to work on a Polaris RZR
  • Roll-Up Tool Bag keeps tools organized, and quiet while you ride
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with grab handle
  • Can be mounted
  • Includes PRP’s innovative RZR Belt Changing Tool & Bolt


PRP’s RZR Roll-Up Tool Kit provides everything you need to fix your RZR out on the trail. This 35 piece kit includes a selection of high-quality ratchets, sockets, wrenches, extension bars, pliers, and a ball peen hammer (for when things get really fun). We’ve hand picked the tools that are needed most when working on a Polaris RZR – So you have only the essentials that you really need. Below we have listed all the tools included, along with a handy guide to the most common uses for each tool. Each tool also includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Roll-Up Bag makes it easy to keep everything neat and organized. It features dedicated sleeves for all the tools included in the kit, as well as a zippered pocket to hold the sockets and any other tools you want to bring with you. The bag is made from extremely durable twill material. It features heavy duty buckles, and an easy to carry grab handle. It can be mounted, or stored securely inside the vehicle. The roll-up style bag makes it quick and easy to grab out of the vehicle when you need it, and the tools inside don’t make noise when bouncing around the trails.

This kit also comes with PRP’s innovative RZR Belt Changing Tool. This tool makes it quick and easy to change the belt on your Polaris RZR 570, 800, XP 900 & XP 1000. Rather than use a wrench to hold open the secondary clutch, our simple tool ‘locks’ the clutch open the entire time. Just insert the tool, tighten down the bolt, and leave it in place while you change the belt. It allows you to change a belt in seconds, rather than minutes.

For Turbo, Turbo S, RS1, and PRO XP’s we’ve included a hardened 1/4″ bolt that accomplishes the same task on the newer clutches. Rather than using the L shaped clutch wrench that’s included in the stock tool kit (where you have to spin it by hand a thousand times), you can simply insert this bolt, and use a ratchet (or impact) to tighten it down in seconds. The bolt holds the secondary clutch open, so you can quickly and easily change the belt.

Don’t get caught out on the trail unprepared. PRP’s Roll-Up Tool Kit has everything you need to get your RZR going!



Polaris RZR 570 / 800 / 900 / 1000 / Turbo / Turbo S / RS1 / PRO XP